WKD5-20W Serie der breiten Eingabe, kleine Größe DC / DC Konverter

Jul 27 , 2021

WKD5-20 series of small size DC/DC converter

WKD5-20 series of small size DC/DC converter is our standard product, the product power cover 5, 10, 15 and 20W, single and double output. This series of products have the characteristics of small size, high efficiency, wide input range, high isolation voltage, wide temperature range and protection integrity. The product can be widely used in industrial control and automation, rail transportation industry, power automation equipment, instrumentation, new energy and electric vehicles and other fields.

product features:
The 1in. * 1in. standard shape (25.4mm * 25.4mm * 12.7mm)
The 4:1 wide input voltage range (24Vdc/9~36V ; 48Vdc/18 ~75V )
it is logical control
The adjustable output voltage range: + 10% nominal output voltage
The intermittent mode, output short circuit protection, self recovery
The typical high efficiency, 90% (input 24V, output load)
The 1500Vdc isolation voltage (customizable high isolation voltage)
The -40 to 105 DEG c working temperature of shell

The EMI class a with EN55022 /Class b (bare metal) recommended circuit

class b conduction test waveform

From 5W to 600W, HESION's DC-DC convertersare specially designed to meet customer-selected models, featuring wide input, small size and high operating temperature. has passed UL/CE/TUV/CQC certification!

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